1000 Ways to Serve by want less GIVE more

by patrick & morgan nichols of want less GIVE more


1000 Ways to the Serve
1000 Ways to Serve is one couple’s mission to encourage each other and the rest of the world to constantly look for ways to serve in the global community.
Since Patrick and Morgan started want less GIVE more in 2011, it has always been about serving. Beginning in October 2012, Patrick and Morgan decided that they would come up with a list of 1000 ways to serve in their community and in the world. They will create this to inspire themselves to GIVE more, but also others.
Patrick is currently studying to be a counselor, is a carpenter, and very involved in the ministry at KCC in Stone Mountain, Georgia, namely with youth. Being Hawaiian, Patrick loves the water, among anything else that has to do with the great outdoors.
Morgan, Patrick’s wife as of 10.17.10, is a worship leader at KCC, a singer-songwriter, aspiring children’s fiction author, and a blogger.
Together, Patrick and Morgan enjoy working and serving together.
About want less GIVE more
want less GIVE more is a clothing line that gives 10% of every purchase to projects and missions that want less GIVE more
In March 2011, a devastating earthquake effected the lives of thousands of people in Japan and surrounding areas. Patrick andMorgan, a newlywed couple from Atlanta, Georgia knew that they couldn’t just standby—they had to do something. After a couple of late nights and early mornings and excessive amounts of caffeine, Patrick and Morgan designed and created what they would call the “want less GIVE more Japanese relief bracelet.” They would sell and donate profits to the relief efforts for the earthquake victims. In less than 5 days, they made over 300 bracelets in their living room and had sent them around the world from California to New York to England to Australia. They were able to raise more money for relief efforts than they ever would have imagined. From this project, they realized something—this needed to continue, wanting less and giving more of their time, energy, and resources needed to be a way of life.want less GIVE more was born.Today. want less GIVE more is a clothing line that features one project or mission a month. 10% of every purchase (up to $500) goes towards that project or mission. If you or someone you know is a part of a project that is living out want less GIVE more and might be interested in being featured, contact us!



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